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Banshee Squadron

Banshee Squadron

Star Wars

- Eidolon (coming eventually)

The Mind Rippers

The Black Gate


Absalom West and the Hijackers

The Tourist

"X-1! X-1!"

The Fires of Creation

Voice of a Silent Planet

The Worst of Woes

Gromit Must Die!

Pay and Pay and Pay...

Vulcan Holiday




In the Closet

Doctor's Confidence

- Oo-oo-ah (in production)






The Early Years

Ten Thousand Swords
- Ro Laren version (Nov 28, 2370)

Ten Thousand Swords
- USS Liberty crossover (2377)

Runaway (Jun 15-21, 2381)

Christmas Goose (Christmas 2382)






Guest Authors!

I'm always amazed when someone approaches me with a Banshee Squadron story they've written. I present them here proudly and with humble thanks.

Outwardly Mobile
by Jay P. Hailey

Ten Thousand Swords
by Yann Wilhem






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