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Welcome to the world's first and only Star Trek fan fiction ebook archive. Star Trek fans have always been prolific writers, proven by the myriad of fan fiction web sites available around the Internet. In addition to the standard HTML and PDF documents, many of your favorite fanfic series are expanding into the new, largely untapped territory of ebooks. This web site is an attempt to collect ebook links into one convenient library, but please visit the authors' web sites to get the full experience of the stories they have to tell.

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J.R. Gershen-Siegel (Jespah)

Star Trek Enterprise Fan Fiction

  • Reversal by J.R. Gershen Siegel — (epub) (mobi)
  • Intolerance by J.R. Gershen Siegel — (epub) (mobi)

Michael Gray

Star Trek: Dark Horizon

One through Seven

Eight through Fourteen

  • coming soon!

Jay P. Hailey

Star Trek: Outwardly Mobile

  • Banshee Squadron Outwardly Mobile — (epub) (mobi)


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Richard Merk

Star Trek: Banshee Squadron

The Early Years

Steven Oostrom

Star Trek: Athena

T.L. Shull (Terilynn)

Star Trek Heritage

  • Book One: A Break with Tradition — (epub) (mobi)

Garry Stahl

Epiphany Trek

Logs: USS Questing

Logs: USS Kongo

The Jerry LaSaille Chronicles

  • The First Principle — (epub) (mobi)
  • Collateral Damage — (epub) (mobi)
  • The LaSaille Shorts — (epub) (mobi)
  • more to come...

Tod Stockert — NEW!

    • Star Trek 1 (TNG) Absolution — (mobi) NEW!
    • Star Trek 2 (VOY) Eternal Soul — (mobi)NEW!
    • Star Trek 3 (TOS) Dark Archon — (mobi)NEW!
    • Star Trek 4 (DS9) Reign of Terror — (mobi)NEW!
    • Star Trek 5 (ENT) Infinite Diversity — (mobi)NEW!

Dispatches from the Romulan War

  • Volume 1: Salem One — (epub) (mobi)
  • Volume 2: The Raptor Strikes — (epub) (mobi)


more to come . . .



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